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4/6 Channel CRPA Antenna is useful when GPS is vulnerable in two different ways. Primarily, the satellite signals have to travel a great distance of 20,000 KM above ground sea level to ground receivers. GPS satellites emit a signal which is incredibly weak when received (~-125 dBm) Coupled with the limited number of satellites this means GPS stability  is vulnerable to natural impediments and conditions, as well as artificial impediments.

The second vulnerability of GPS is to cyber attacks. Initially because of the strategic value of satellite PNT data, Whilst illegal in many countries, jammers are not uncommon, and are not out of the price range of a private individual. To jam signal, all one as to do is overpower it, either with a simple jammer bought online, which block it completely. 


The Null Steering Algorithm was originally developed for military applications to protect wireless signals. By combining the patterns from both antennas, our Anti-jammer GPS system is capable to handle all vulnerability. detects where the interference is coming from and creates a new antenna pattern which nullifies the power of the interference.


Compact in size with High anti-jamming performance for military GPS signal on L1 and L2 with Space Time Adaptive Processing algorithm (STAP).High dynamics in severe environments Compatible with any GPS receiver and with any standard or miniature 4-element L1/L2 antenna,
Algorithm immune to rotor blade modulation effect
Galileo PRS Compatible
Also adapted for critical infrastructures such as airport, port,


multi-application solution (aircraft, helicopters, missiles, UAV, fighters, navy, and vehicles). It can be operated with all GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) receivers, including Galileo. It is designed to operate as a standalone unit on board any military platform.


4/6 Channel CRPA Antenna is maintenance free system, our technical staff is always ready to support and solve your question.