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Spectrum analyzer, Signal Generator
& Real-time Video Transmission System

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Spectrum analyzer cum Singal generator with Real-time Video transmission system.

EMC/EMI pre-compliance

EMC and EMI seem to be one of those necessary evils that must be overcome prior to marketing a commercial.

Calibration of DUTs

Calibration helps keep your world up, running and safe. Though most never realize it, thousands of calibrations are quietly conducted every day around the world for your benefit.

Spectrum Analyzer

RF front end with an operating frequency range of 70 MHz to 6 GHz and an FPGA based System on Module (SoM) as the signal processing back end.

Signal Generator

The Signal generator (SG) option allows sinusoidal signal generation in the frequency range of 70 MHz to 6 GHz.

Real-Time Video Streaming

Transmit and receive HD videos in Real-Time, and increase performance using techniques like Beamforming and Direction Finding.


• Wide Frequency Range: 70 MHz to 6 GHz
• 2 Transmitters and 2 Receivers
• Extremely small form factor and Battery powered
• Multi-Mode Spectrum analysis
• 20 dB Rx-Tx Pre-Amplifier, 30 dB Attenuators and Pre-selection filters
• 60 MSPS IQ capture and streaming.
• Interactive GUI for faster measurements
• Automatic Attenuation for uninterrupted smooth EMI measurements
• Python/C API-based APIs for custom automation
• In-built GPS and Accelerometer
• Real-time bandwidth up to 42.5 MHz

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• ±1 dB absolute amplitude accuracy up to 6 GHz
• Real-time spectral analysis of with Multi GHz/second sweep rate: 6 GHz sweep with 20 kHz RBW in < 800 ms
• Spurious free dynamic range of 60 dB.
• Displayed average noise level: –110 dBm/Hz at 2.45 GHz with Pre-Amplifier On
• Phase noise: –70 dBc/Hz at 2.45 GHz 10 kHz offset

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• Spectrum Analyzer
• EMC/EMI pre-compliance and troubleshooting
• Adaptive Jammer
• Signal Generator
• Calibration of DUTs
• Wireless Beam-forming and Target Tracking using Direction Finding and Radar
• Real-Time Video Streaming
• Frequency agile custom and standard communication system deployments
• Educational Institutions

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// Infi Marshal Pro

Spactrum Analyzer, Signal Generator
& Real-time Video Transmission System

The system is a handheld and portable based on SDR (Software Defined Radio), which supports wideband real-time spectrum analysis up to 6 GHz and simultaneous signal generation (in Opt. SG and Opt. RT-VTS). The state-of-the-art design enables such a robust system to be housed in a small form factor while being powered from a battery source (5V, 2A) e.g., a power bank.

The system mainly consists of an RF front end with an operating frequency range of 70 MHz to 6 GHz and an FPGA based System on Module (SoM) as the signal processing back end. While the in-house designed RF front end has excellent fidelity over the entire frequency range, the FPGA SoM, on the other hand, implements the various custom-developed IPs which facilitate very fast wideband spectrum analysis, signal generation, adaptive jammer and video transmission.

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