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// RADAR Simulator


Training Target Simulator

DRFM-based electronic attack training solutions.

Radar Test Simulator

DRFM can store and duplicate sampling signals with high fidelity.

ECCM Effectiveness Verification

Demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed radar signaling strategy.

Radar ECM Vulnerability

Reducing the vulnerability of friendly radar systems.

RF capture for Analysis

Digitally capturing and Testing the radar in a closed loop.

Supporting L,S,C,X band and other band

Support Multiple band at single place for testing and verification.


Ruggedized for UAVs, Fighter Jets, and Pods
400MHz Bandwidth
Supporting L,S,C,X band and other band
Airborne Version is Very small size 177 x 101 x 122 mm^3
Ground Version is 4U drawer.
Light weight – under 7Kg
Fully integrated including DRFM and RF/IF up/down converters

Simulation of - Target Size
Moving target speed and direction
Simulation of distance varying from 15m to 500Km
Up to 4 moving targets simultaneously in real time
Control s/w for menu-based EMC training

Full remote control via Ethernet 10/100, USB, RS232

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// RADAR Simulator


The DRFM from INFINITY RADAR uses state of the art technology to deliver, best of class DRFM based simulator, which is the smallest in size & weight available.

The X200RTS demonstrates the known technologically advanced systems, being developed by GETS systems
Applications for the X200RTS include Radar, ECM and Elint, for use in Airborne systems including Pods, UAVs, as well as for ship-borne systems, test ranges, anechoic chambers, and laboratories. Flexible design and state of the art FPGA allows INFINITY RADAR to supply customized variations of the X200RTs in small or large quantities, with custom BW, sampling rate, delay resolution, modulation, and memory depth.

INFINITY RADAR also supports the option for simplified Tactical DRFM , which can be used for ground scenarios in labs and field testing

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