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  • To design, develop, manufacture and test high-end RF & Microwave Subsystems for strategic applications up to 40GHz.
  • Capability to provide complete solution from concept to product realization for a diverse range of RF & microwave applications such as 5G communication (up to mm wave), WLAN, GNSS/IRNSS, IOT, Radar Electronics, Electronic warfare.
  • RF layout design, RF and Microwave measurements and validation.
  • RF layout design, RF and Microwave measurements and validation.
  • Expertise in 2D and 3D simulation.
Microwave Design

include wireless communication, wide band radars, mmWave RADARS, telemetry and other defense and aerospace applications

Antenna Design

Infinity Radar’s superior design, RF engineering and testing practices have set the standard for high performance and reliability


are you an Entrepreneur? and looking for your project to get it done in time? Infinity Radar is the solution for your all your need.

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Production Process

Infinity Radar is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom development, product design, QA and consultancy services. Our product design service lets you prototype, test and validate your ideas.


While integrating the security with I³ approach has always been of high demand, this requires a completely different range of processes and tools. we known how to boast of a development methodology. Now when the inputs of the security experts I’ll be brought in a collaborative environment, the project will have an array of effective security safeguards.


In spite of disturbing the agile development process of the I³ approach, the additional security inputs only enhance the safeguards and reliability of the project. So, in a way, we will only extend the benefits of a I³ approach further with security inputs. we are already known to boast of development methodology.


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Product Expertise

We help businesses elevate their value through custom development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

Research & Development

  • Transmitter and Receiver modules
  • Transceivers for 5G communication
  • WLAN and Beamforming systems
  • Frequency Synthesizers
  • Solid state high power modules for defense and 5G communication
  • IFM modules
  • Antenna Design (RF / CRPA / IoT)
  • Jamming Systems
  • Anti-Jamming GNSS System
  • Receivers for GNSS/IRNSS
  • Phased Array Based Tracking Radar
  • FMCW Radio Altimeter
  • FMCW GUN & Rocket Fuze
  • Mobile Surveillance and Protection System
  • FMCW Automotive Radar
  • Next Gen Weather Radar
  • Redesign of Weather Radar
  • Signal Processing for Automotive Radar
  • Design of TRMM(Transmit Receive Multi-Module) for Airborne Application
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Software development outsourcing is just a tool to achieve business goals. But there is no way to get worthwhile results without cooperation and trust between a client company.
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