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//Synthetic-aperture Radar

Lightweight Airborne SAR


high resolution imaging of the defined SPOT


trip is created by compounding these Sub-Spots.


GMTI mode the radar detects the ground moving targets

Tracking accuracy

Best in Class Tracking Accuracy

Maximum Detection

Best in Class Detection Range

Low power Consume

Low power consume mean more time in air


All weather, day-night operation.
360° surveillance capability
Detection of moving targets.
Automatic targets Tracking & Classification.
Unique geo-location accuracies.
See in detail areas of interest with ultra-fine Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
Detect slow moving targets
Use different modes to track moving targets.

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// Synthetic-aperture Radar

Airborne SAR

High Radar resolution is normally associated with large size antenna. In SAR the desired single, large antenna is substituted by a virtual or synthetic antenna composed, over a period of time, from the individual, temporal instances of a small size, physical antenna under linear motion.

Mounted on a fast-moving aircraft, a physical antenna of few feet long produces a synthetic antenna hundreds of meters long thus allowing resolution in the order of a few meters or less. Focused images are created using the vibration compensation process Combined with Pulse compression techniques the SAR allows similar resolution in range as well, thereby providing means for Radar based high resolution observation of ground areas.

The reliance on Radar, as opposed to traditional optical means of observation, provides all-weather day and night capability. SAR resolution does not depend on visibility conditions

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