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Infitrone Advanced System Pvt. Ltd, operating under the brand name “Infinity Radar,” has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous global enterprises, SMEs, and technology challengers. With a track record of excellence, Infinity Radar has been recognized with three prestigious National Awards, underscoring its commitment to exceptional performance. Additionally, the company proudly holds ISO certification, affirming its adherence to internationally recognized standards.

Infinity Radar is dedicated to empowering defense forces by elevating their value through a comprehensive range of offerings. Specializing in electronics warfare systems, product development, product design, and services, the company brings forth a wealth of expertise to meet the unique needs of the defense sector.

The motto of Infinity Radar, “Information | Integration | Innovation,” encapsulates the core principles that drive the company forward. Information plays a pivotal role, ensuring that accurate and timely data is utilized to make informed decisions and optimize outcomes. Integration lies at the heart of Infinity Radar’s approach, harmonizing diverse systems and technologies to deliver seamless solutions that address complex challenges. Furthermore, innovation fuels the company’s drive, as it continuously strives to pioneer new ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance the capabilities of defense forces.

With its strong reputation, commitment to excellence, and focus on the values of information, integration, and innovation, Infitrone Advanced System Pvt. Ltd, trading as Infinity Radar, stands as a leading provider of advanced solutions for defense forces worldwide.

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To build a defence company that will become a top priority for defence agencies in the whole of  India.


To become the leading R&D firm in electronic defence solutions and provide professional and trusted defence solutions.

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Product Expertise

  • Transmitter and Receiver modules
  • Transceivers for 5G communication
  • WLAN and Beamforming systems
  • Frequency synthesizers
  • Solid-state high-power modules for defense and 5G communication
  • IFM modules
  • Antenna Design (RF / CRPA / IoT)
  • Jamming Systems
  • Anti-Jamming GPS System // Receivers for GNSS/IRNSS
// About Infinity Radar

Product Expertise

  • Phased Array Based Tracking Radar
  • Wide Band TR Module
  • FMCW Radio Altimeter
  • Mobile Surveillance and Protection System
  • FMCW Automotive Radar
  • Next Gen Weather Radar // Redesign of Weather radar
  • Signal Processing for Automotive Radar
  • Design of TRMM(Transmit Receive Multi-Module) for Airborne Application
Strengths & Capabilities
  • Design, develop, manufacture and test high-end RF & Microwave Subsystems for strategic applications up to 40GHz.
  • Capability to provide a complete solution from concept to product realization for a diverse range of RF & microwave applications such as 5G communication (up to mm-wave), WLAN, GNSS/IRNSS, IoT, Radar Electronics, and Electronic warfare.
  • RF layout design, Microwave measurements and validation.
  • Expertise in 2D and 3D simulation.
  • Capable in Technologies such as Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuits, Integrated Multi-function assemblies, high power systems and Multi-layer high-frequency systems.
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Leadership Team

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Khushboo Dave


Viraj Rana


Trupti Kansagra


Himanshu Dave

Founder & CEO

Ruturaj C.


Vishal Kansagra




Suresh. A

Technical Consultant
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