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Next-Gen High Speed Digital Design

Multi-core & Processor

State of Art multi-core & processorl design

PCB Layout Analysis

State of Art PCB layout analysis design

Noise & Crosstalk reduction

State of Art high-speed Digital design

Signal Integrity Simulation

State of Art Signal Integrity Simulation

S-Parameter Extraction

State of Art S-Parameter Extraction

Modeling & Simulation

State of Art Modeling and simulation

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Your Partner for
Next-Gen High Speed Digital Design

The Hardware Design team at Infinity Radar has experience in high-speed digital design for data and video processing applications in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Our team has a deep understanding of transmission lines, signal integrity, power delivery, differential signalling, and EMI. This allows us to create effective and efficient digital designs that include the latest interfaces.

Our high-speed digital design services are based on a range of simulation and measurement tools, which help visualize and address signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC concerns during both the design and test phases.

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