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Rhino : Heavy duty Anti-Drone Module

Man-Pack Jammer

Designed to neutralize Drone communication during special unit’s activity in the field.

Spot Jammer

Designed to neutralize channel-wise communication during special unit activity in the field.

Anti-Drone Jammer

Designed to neutralize UAV communication in the field.

Anti-Drone Module, Anti UAV, Jammer, Anti drone jammer
Vehicular Anti Drone

Unit is capable of use as Vehicles without changing power source

Long Coverage

The system is capable of covering 2 km omnidirectional and 5-7 Directional jamming

GPS Jammer

In-build GPS jammer for stopping drone to go in RTH function.

Anti-Drone Module, Anti UAV, Jammer, Anti drone jammer
// Introduction

Rhino : Heavy duty Anti-Drone Module

Infinity Radar’s electronics-jammers assist in securing any given space by providing protection against illegal Drone threats military and police forces might encounter worldwide. IR Rhino work by saturating an area with electromagnetic waves in order to disrupt any Drone activity. The jammer creates an electromagnetic “bubble” that disrupts the ability of any drone to send and receive radio signals, effectively cutting off its main “bloodline”.
Key Features 
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • 5 and 7 Band Frequency 
  • Capability to neutralize drones at distances of up to 2 km omnidirectional, 5-7 km in Directional mode.
  • Precise jamming direction to avoid collateral damages
  • High-gain antennas.
  • Easy to integrate
  • In-built battery to support systems.
  • Plug-n-Play module
  • Channeling for controlled systems
  • Power: Direct Plugin, DG set, Vehicle Battery supported.
  • Poll Mount, Man-Pack, Vehicle Mount System.
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