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Anti-Drone Gun Spear

Anti Drone Gun

Designed to neutralize Drone communication during special unit’s activity in the field.

Spot Jammer

Designed to neutralize channel-wise communication during special unit activity in the field.

Available in 3 Model

Short Range, Medium Range and Long Range options are available.

anti drone gun
Long Range

Designed to neutralize drone communication, 1000 to 1500 meters.

Long Battery Life

Design for long battery life for continuous operation.

GPS Jammer

Designed to jam GPS communication to prevent drones from triggering RTH function.

anti drone gun
// Introduction

Jammer Family

The INFINITY SPEAR is the Hand-Held Counter UAS Technology that employs the use of high-power jamming Technology. The INFINITY SPEAR can disable drones operating on 3 frequency bands with the available options of 30W, 60W and 150W Output and is lethal up to 1500-2000 meters. INFINITY SPEAR enables military and security forces to thwart the use of all consumer drones by enemy combatants. The INFINITY SPEAR is compact and lightweight, able to be deployed by ground forces personnel in mobile units, strike teams, at checkpoints, forward outposts, and security response teams. The system is the perfect gap filler and can be used in multiple links of the kill chain.


  • Long battery life.
  • Lightweight.
  • 3 simultaneously channel-driving defeat mechanisms.
  • Upgradable up to 150W output.
  • User Define channel for smoother operation.
  • Simple training and operation.
  • Minutes of training, focus on engagement decisions.
  • Natural action to power on, aim, and pull trigger.
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