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Drone & Ground Detection Radar

Drone Detection

Micro to Standard UAV detection , Fastest in class

Site Surveillance

Vehicle detection, Human Detection , Ship Detection fastest in class.

Costal Surveillance

Small to Large Ship Detection from 80 km away range.

Ground Surveillance radar, anti-drone radar,tracking radar Drone & Ground Detection FMCW Radar
Human Detection

Graving Human detection are never so easy but best in class technology for it.

Vehicle Surveillance

Small car to heavy truck detection in just matter of time.

Peripherals Surveillance

24 X 7 and 365 days surveillance of your peripherals .

Ground Surveillance radar, anti-drone radar,tracking radar Drone & Ground Detection FMCW Radar
// Infinity Radar's

Your Partner for
Next Gen Drone & Ground Detection Radar

Infinity Radar’s-Drone & Ground Detection Radar-GSR-16 Radar (GSR-32-Radar) is a medium range Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) working in the X band. The Radar system incorporates a detection panel radar installed on a rotator engine (rotator), providing a full 360°horizontal coverage and 90°vertical coverage (+/- 45°)

Radar is capable to detect ground moving targets and low flying small aircraft (UAS) and drones (i.e. hovering systems). The (GSR-32-Radar) provides detection, automatic tracking and classification of the targets. Both automatic and manual target classification is available to the operator.

Embedded GPS and magnetic compass unit are installed for quick deployment and settings. Once the Radar detects a target it is transferred to the Command and Control (C2) system and the C2 operator receives an alert.

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